Direct Donation Campaign

What is the Direct Donation Campaign?

The Direct Donation campaign is the PTA’s largest source of fundraising.  It is a year-long fundraising effort, not attached to any particular event. We usually have donation drives, at the beginning of the school year, around the holidays, and sometimes a “Spring Sprint” as well – but you can donate anytime throughout the year.

What does my donation support?

The Parkside PTA funds critical programs that enrich our students and teachers experience at Parkside Montessori.

(PTA Fundraising Information)

How much should I donate? 

The PTA accepts and appreciates donations of ANY amount, and encourages all families to make a donation!  All contributions help fund the programs and services that are so valuable to our students and school. The PTA does have a recommended donation amount, which is based on our expected expenditures for the 2020-21 school year (PTA Fundraising Information). The PTA recommends a family contribution of $600 for your first enrolled child and $300 for each additional enrolled sibling. All donations are tax deductible!

Who can donate?

Anyone can donate to the Parkside PTA! Donations from extended family, friends and corporate matches are all welcome and count towards your families overall donation level!


Corporate Matches: Double your money! Find out if your company matches donations (many use a portal such as and your HR department can help you make your donation and request a company match simultaneously. Very Important: make sure you request the match for "Parkside Elementary PTA" EIN/Tax ID 94-6184899, 501(c)(3) charity (your company may need to add Parkside PTA). For questions about corporate matching, contact your company’s HR department and/or email the PTA treasurer.


Suggested Donation Levels:

  • $600, $900, $1200, $2000 

  • Or select any amount that works for your family

** For all donations of $600 or more, donor will receive a Parkside Montessori logo item

How do I donate?

  • Pay by Check to "Parkside PTA" - Bring it to the school office anytime or to any PTA event or meeting.
  • Pay Online - Click the donate button below to see online payment options - you do not need a PayPal account to donate. You may check out as a "guest.”

  Donate Now!


Parkside Elementary PTA EIN/Tax ID 94-6184899, 501(c)(3) charity