Parkside Montessori Fingerprinting Policy & Info

Parkside Fingerprinting policy for 2019-2020 per Principal Tahai, written 9/9/2019


Guidelines regarding volunteers and finger prints are as follows:

If volunteers are ever left alone with students they need to be fingerprinted.

Two things to note:

1.      Classroom volunteers technically do not need finger prints, as long as a staff member is always with the class volunteer in the classroom. If class volunteers are needed to observe students outside the classroom, including the hallways or one of the adjacent garden areas, without direct staff supervision - the volunteer needs to have been fingerprinted.  

2.      All volunteers on field trips need fingerprinting  


Additional Notes on getting fingerprinted:
  • Parents may check in with Gladys to confirm if their fingerprinting records are in the district system.
  • It is suggested that parents check their fingerprinting status for each of their enrolled children, if they have more than one at the school, as the fingerprinting record is tied to a child and is not in a separate database of adult volunteers.
    • A parent can request through Gladys that their fingerprinting record be added to another sibling, but this doesn't happen automatically through the district system.   
  • If a parent/adult needs to get fingerprinted for the district, talk with Gladys in the office to get the correct triplicate form to take to the fingerprinting location, as well as to get the addresses of the locations that provide this service. 
    • There is a fee of around $55-60 to get fingerprinted, which must be paid by the parent to the place where they get fingerprinted.
    • If a parent is not in a position to pay this amount, and wants to volunteer, please have them talk with Mr. Tahai directly.