PTA Reimbursement Process for Parents, Board, and General Community

This process is for parents, board, and general community reimbursement.

For the teacher and staff reimbursement process, CLICK HERE


Before you spend money:
  1. BEFORE any money is spent, be sure to confirm the expense is approved/in the PTA budget.
    • For parents and the general community, confirm with the Treasurer or applicable committee chair that the funds are budgeted, released, and approved to be spent at this time.
  2. The PTA can make a check payment directly for an item, if there is an invoice or bill. Contact the Treasurer ahead of time to arrange having a check payment made directly from the PTA, so a reimbursement will not be needed. 
  3. All PTA reimbursable expenses must be made as separate purchases (on separate receipts) from personal or other purchases. If this is not possible, please contact the Treasurer before making the purchase.

  4. Be sure that any online purchase is made in the name of the person who is making the payment and who will be requesting the reimbursement.
After you spend money:
  1. Submit an electronic copy of the original hardcopy receipt(s) or a copy of the paid itemized receipt/invoice for online purchases, along with a completed reimbursement form (or find printed copies in the PTA mailbox at the back of the Parkside office). 
  2. Submit the receipt(s)/online itemized invoice(s) and reimbursement form as follows: 
    • Email the scanned completed form and receipt(s) to the Treasurer. If you are unable to submit electronically, please leave hard copies of the reimbursement form and receipts in the PTA mailbox in the office.
  3. Check reimbursements will be hand-delivered or mailed within 1-2 weeks. If you need a reimbursement sooner, email the Treasurer to make this request.

NOTE: Gift cards are not allowed to be paid for, nor reimbursed by the PTA. 

Please do not purchase gift cards or any gifts on behalf of the PTA. The PTA will not reimburse for these purchases.


Email the Treasurer with any questions on any part of this process. Thank you!


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