Order Parkside Montessori 2020-2021 Yearbooks Now!   Orders are due by Friday, May 21! 

Ordering instructions are available on the flyer HERE, or follow the instructions below:


  1. Go to www.treering.com/validate
  2. Enter your school’s passcode: 1015500785281879
  3. Set up (or Update) a TreeRing account for your family and enter your student name and grade (TK will need to select Pre-K from the grade list).
  4. Place order for your child and make payment online.
  5. OPTIONAL: Customize 2 additional pages that will be included in the yearbook for your child only.  Custom pages must be completed by May 31!

Any ordering or online questions?  Please contact TreeRing at 877-755-TREE, or use their online Help? at www.treering.com



PHOTOS are needed for the Yearbook!

Share your great photos with the Yearbook Team -

First Day of School ~ Halloween ~ Kids in their favorite masks ~ International Celebration ~ PJ Night ~ Tigers Play ~ Distance Learning ~ Playing School Instruments ~ Teacher Appreciation cards/messages!

Photos are needed as soon a possible, and no later than Friday, May 21st! 

(Note that not all submitted photos will be included in the yearbook, but we hope to include as many as we can!)


Log into TreeRing and then follow the instructions HERE to share photos, OR use the TreeRing app to upload photos to the Yearbook folders.


*Photos of any current Parkside Montessori student are welcome as yearbooks are exempt from photo releases, per the District. 




Yearbooks will be mailed to each child who orders one in late June 2021.