FRIDAY | OCT, 13, 2023 | 3:15 - 6:30 PM

 What do you need to do NOW for Walk-A-Jog? 

   ❏ Confirm you submitted a PTA Participant Waiver

   ❏ Ask family & friends to support Parkside*: Sponsorship Donations

   ❏ Sign up to volunteer for the day of the event 
   ❏  Pre-purchase raffle tickets - Buy your raffle tickets to enter the drawings for the classroom raffle baskets. See ticket selling schedule below.
   ❏ Check out Walk-A-Jog guide below for additional event details


  • Then follow this link to follow your progress and donors.

Why support the Walk-A-Jog, your student(s) and Parkside?


Walk-a-Jog Health & Wellness Fundraising Event is one of our two major school fundraisers held during the school year. This event plays a vital role in supporting various school initiatives and enhancing the educational experience for our students. Each year, our students come together with boundless enthusiasm, seeking pledges from family and friends, and then walk or jog with their classmates to raise funds for our school. This event not only fosters a sense of community but also teaches our students the value of giving back.

What your contribution funds:

  • Classroom Materials and School Supplies: Your donation ensures that our classrooms are equipped with the tools and resources needed for interactive and engaging learning experiences.

  • School Staff: Supporting our staff means we can retain and attract dedicated educators who are passionate about Montessori education.

  • Staff Professional Development and Training: Your contribution helps us invest in ongoing training for our teachers, ensuring they stay at the forefront of educational practices.

  • Field Trips: By contributing, you enable our students to explore the world beyond their classrooms, fostering a deeper understanding of the subjects they study.


  • Campus Beautification - Green Team: We believe in providing a beautiful, inspiring environment for our students, and your donation helps us maintain our campus.

  • Community Events: Your support enables us to organize events that bring our community together, fostering a sense of belonging and togetherness.


Our 3 primary fundraising channels to help us reach our school-wide $30K goal:


1. Classroom Themed Basket Raffles:

  • Each class will curate and fund themed baskets capped at $300.

  • Raffle tickets will be pre-sold prior to the event and for a limited time during the event.


2. Business Sponsorships:

  • We've reached out to the broader community for business sponsorships to make our event even more impactful.


3. Student Pledges:

  • While not required or dependent on time or distance walk/jog/ran, students are encouraged to boost contributions through pledges from friends, family, social media, and other networks. (Click here to start your fundraising. 

1. Click "Start My Campaign" button to create your pledge page (create one per family or per student, no donation required to create & share campaign):
2. Select a pledge amount from the options listed or create a custom amount--this is your student or family's goal.
3. Enter your contribution amount, which can be 0 or greater
4. Enter your email address and your child, children or family's name in the "Your Full Name" field. This is
who contributors will donate to.
5. Click "Share with Friends" button
6. Optional: Click "Edit" under the caped person icon to the left with a picture
7. Optional: Click the pencil icon next to your team name to rename your team.
8. Share your pledge page like a seasoned pro! Use those social media, email, and link icons to connect with your family and friends. Each option will let you fire up your audience with a personalized message that's sure to pump them up.
9. Find the "Fundraiser Created Confirmation" email in your inbox
10. Click "Check Status & Share" button at the bottom of the email to check status of campaign and share

**Extra credit: Read the campaign page to learn more about Walk-A-Jog and where donations go!!
Our current score stands at $1K, but our ultimate goal is a whopping $30K.

⌛The clock is ticking⌛Let's hear your Tiger roar as we charge toward victory in Walk-A-Jog 2023! Get ready to walk, jog, run and play your heart out! 🐾🏆🏃‍♂

(This year we won't be having classes or cohorts compete against each other for fundraising efforts, however there will be additional door prizes for attendees.)



Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Morning Drop-off
  • Raffle Tickets Pre-Sale (Credit Card Only)*
Afternoon Pick-up (Minimum Day)
  • Raffle Tickets Pre-Sale (Credit Card Only)*

Thursday, October 12, 2023

Morning Drop-off
  • Raffle Tickets Pre-Sale (Credit Card Only)*

Afternoon Pick-up 

  • Raffle Tickets Pre-Sale (Credit Card Only)*
  • Early-Tiger Registration (pick-up your race bib and welcome pack)

Friday, October 13, 2023

Morning Drop-off
  • Raffle Tickets Pre-Sale (Credit Card Only)*
  • Early-Tiger Registration (pick-up your race bib and welcome pack)


  • Event Set-up


  • Registration opens at the south gate near the Annex (for those who didn't do Early Tiger registration)



  • Raffle Tickets Sales (Credit Card Only)*
  • Parkside Spirit Sales (Credit Card Only)
  • Raffle Basket Ticket Entry
  • Warm Ups on the field

👣Walk-A-Jog Begins!!👣


  • Primary (PK/TK/K) (Adolescents supporting them on the track)

4:10 - 4:20pm

  • Lower El (1-3) (cheering and support continues!)


  • Upper El (4-6) & Adolescents (7-8) (cheering and support continues!)

Food, Games & Entertainment








Event Concludes




(Due to California State Law, we are unable to sell raffle tickets online, as it's considered "gambling". For that reason, all raffle tickets must be purchased in-person in accordance with the sale schedule above. All sales will be limited to credit card purchases at this time.)

Bundle of 5 Raffle Tickets: $5

Bundle of 10 Raffle Tickets: $9 (10% discount)

Bundle of 20 Raffle Tickets: $17 (15% discount)

Bundle of 50 Raffle Tickets: $40 (20% discount)

Names and ticket series will be documented at time of purchase.

No need to write name on each ticket or be present at time of drawing to win.


We encourage every student to attend with their family, relatives and friends!

Questions? Contact Alex Fisher at


Big thanks to the Walk-A-Jog Committee who have already been working hard to pull this event together!  This event won't be possible without the support of many more volunteers, so we hope you will sign up and join us in making the 2023 Walk-A-Jog a success!


*If you volunteer, don't forget to log your hours here so they count towards your 30hr minimum commitment.